Wayne State University

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Expert Research Area

Guangzhao Mao


Chemical Engineering

Directed self assembly, crystallization, polymer thin films and nanoparticles, AFM imaging and force measurements

Alan Hudson



Molecular biology/molecular genetics of the obligate intracellular bacterial pathogen Chlamydia trachomatis

R. M. Kannan

(Past co-director)

Chemical Engineering

Dendrimer-drug conjugation, nanodevice design and characterization, in vivo and tissue level evaluation of efficacy, clinical translation

Stephanie L. Brock


Synthesis, properties and applications of metal pnictide and chalcogenide extended solids and nanomaterials, sol-gel nanoparticle assembly, hybrid materials

Mark Cheng

Electrical Engineering

Design, integration and testing of nanosystems using lithography-based nanofabrication, graphene-based nanomaterials for biosensing and NEMS

Christine Chow


Drug targeting, nucleic acid chemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry

Diane Chugani


PET imaging, autism, translational imaging research

Michael Diamond


Post-operative adhesions, molecular biology, and immunopathology, clinical translation

Alan Dombkowski

Pediatrics/Clinical Pharmacology

Genomics and proteomics, toxicology

Harry Goshgarian

Anatomy/Cell Biology

Functional-recovery following spinal cord injury, and neuroscience

Peter Hoffmann


Studies of interatomic/intermolecular forces using AFM; forces, currents, and charges in nanostructures, forces associated with liquid ordering and bonding in biological molecules, development of AFM/STM

Yinlun Huang

Chemical Engineering

Multiscale complex systems, integrated material, product, and process design and manufacturing, computational multifunctional nanomaterial development

Sujatha Kannan


PET imaging, nanotherapeutics imaging in cerebral palsy, clinical translation

Gavin Lawes


Materials characterization, magnetic nanoparticles, low temperature measurements

Ray Novak

Clinical Pharmacology/Pediatrics

Genomics and proteomics, toxicology

David Oupicky

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Stimuli-responsive, nanosized polymer-based systems for delivery of drugs and genes, redox-, pH-, and temperature-responsive delivery systems

Joshua Reineke

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of particulates, pulmonary drug delivery, nanotoxicity

Sandro R. P. da Rocha

Chemical Engineering

pulmonary delivery of drugs and nucleotides; polymeric drug nanocarriers; transport modulation across the lung epithelium; Colloidal Physical Chemistry;

Douglas Ruden

Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (IEHS) C.S. Mott Center for Human Health and Development

Toxicogenomics, epigenomics using human embryonic stem cells

Ghassan Saed


Post-operative adhesions, molecular biology

Fazlul Sarkar

Pharmacology/Karmanos Cancer Institute

Cancer therapy, Pancreatic and breast cancer

Anthony Shields

Internal Medicine/Karmanos Cancer Institute

PET imaging in cancer, therapeutics development

Judith Whittum-Hudson


Immunopathogenesis of infectious diseases and anti-chlamydial vaccine development

Yong Xu

Electrical Engineering

MEMS, biomedical electronics, nanotechnology