Wayne State University

Aim Higher


The mission of the Wayne State research incubator, “Adaptive Nanomaterials” is to synthesize, assemble, and engineer adaptive nanomaterials for imaging, sensing, and drug delivery. The incubator strives to catalyze scientific innovation and create interdisciplinary training programs through the integration of expertise and resources from across the university, medical center, affiliated research and clinical centers, and industry.



In fulfilling its mission, Wayne State’s research incubator “Adaptive Nanomaterials” aspires to national preeminence in the development of interdisciplinary research and training programs related to nanomaterials used in imaging, sensing and drug delivery. The incubator will be characterized by:

  • A confluence of scientists and resources involved in the development and implementation of innovative, high quality, federally funded research in adaptive nanomaterials.
  • The dissemination of new knowledge to students, scientists and the public, including the creation of new educational undergraduate, certificate, and graduate programs involving students and trainees who bridge multiple departments and acquire the knowledge and skills needed in undertaking successful interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Communications networks and forums that facilitate the gathering of scientists from across the medical and main campuses, as well as colleagues from institutions and industries throughout the state and region.
  • An efficient and responsive leadership, advisory board,ju and management structure that facilitates progress, identifies and removes impediments, and oversees progress, the responsible conduct of research, and the funds entrusted.

Co-directors: Drs. Guangzhao Mao and Rangaramanujam Kannan